New Daily Cycle In Gold ?

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We First Need A Swing Low From The Miners

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S&P500 – Correction Looming ?

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Gold Long Term Trend Intact

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Silver Due A Strong Rally

Silver intermediate cycle on track


Silver To At Least Rally Back To 25 Week Average


Silver In Line For Intermediate Low

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US Dollar Not As Healthy As Recent Trading Suggests

Despite the strong move in the US dollar over the past while, the greenback remains in a long term downtrend. It is peculiar why so many traders focus on the short term. Why ignore what has been happening in the US dollar over the past few cycles? As the chart illustrates below, the recent damage was done to the greenback in 2017 when the dollar index lost more the 15 points. This caused the long term moving averages to cross over which usually means the long term direction of the greenback has changed.

US Dollar Moving Averages

US Dollar Moving Averages Crossover

Trump Has Helped The Dollar

Now Donald Trump has being doing everything he can to change the paradigm here. From trade tariffs, to tax cuts and lower repatriation capital costs, all of these have helped in bolstering the strength of the US dollar.  There are many things out of his control however and one of them is inflation. Trump in fact recently made his opinion known about the Fed’s latest interest rate increase. He wants lower interest rates which would result in more money spent. The less the US government has to pay on interest on its debt, the more it can spend on defense, infrastructure, etc. Spending ( as we are seeing on main street) can bolster an economy and its currency in the short term. Therefore, more short term signals such as the 24 monthly average is now showing a bullish signal as we see below.

US Dollar Monthly Average

US Dollar Monthly Average Has Turned Bullish

Technically The Dollar Remains In A Downtrend

Now if we turn to a more near term chart, we can see that for the US Dollar to resume its bull market in earnest, it would need to take out its December 2016 highs of almost 104. On the contrary, if all we are getting here is a bear market rally in the greenback, expect the sub-89 lows that the US dollar printed at the start of this year to get penetrated. This is why the next month or so is critical not only to the greenback but also for commodities and particularly precious metal positions. Why? The late 2016 top and the bottom the US dollar printed earlier this year seem very much like multi-year pivot points. The question is whether the US dollar can make new highs or will be make new lows. The answer to this question has huge ramifications for precious metals positions.

US Dollar Rallying Hard Out Of Hard Lows

We may get some further strength in the greenback simply from a momentum standpoint. It is though due a drop into a daily cycle low any day now due to its technicals being overbought. It will be interesting to see how it holds up during that downturn.

We have made our play on the dollar. Subscribe to our portfolio here.


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Intermediate Bottom In Gold To Coincide With Equity Correction

Our stance has not changed. We remain heavily long stocks although we have been expecting a trip down into an intermediate bottom. This is why we took profits on some equity positions recently – including our TQQQ position. I still maintain we will be able to buy this NASDAQ leveraged ETF at a cheaper price than our sale price. Yes we are up 41 handles on the NASDAQ futures this morning but considering the amount of capital we have in equities at present in our portfolio, it was best to take some risk off the table as this rally was getting long in the tooth.

Nasdaq Looks Like A Correction Is Coming

Nasdaq due a correction into intermediate bottom

Although only a few days to go to expiration, we may take profits on our Sanderson Farms (NYSE:SAFM) $100 put option today. We sold it for $2.54 and now its worth close to $0.60 although it should open much lower today if the share price remains steady due to time-decay really being in our favor.

Spontaneously we will take out these type of trades. Make no mistake about it though, to succeed in our method of trading, one needs to take the long game. If SAFM for example was trading at $95 at expiration this Friday, we would be taking possession of the shares at $100 with our cost basis being $97.46. We have researched Sanderson Farms and like both its fundamentals and current valuation. However, we should be able to pick it up cheaper over the next few weeks if our expected correction takes place.

Concerning our precious metals positions, we will continue to stand pat. This intermediate bottom has been very difficult to time. Again yesterday, the bears got control of the sector which drove Gold well below $1,300 an ounce.  Gold‘s long term sentiment readings are now on a par with the bear market bottom in December of 2015 which is unprecedented. We have made our play and will wait for sentiment to return to optimistic extremes and for the weekly slow stochastics to return to overbought conditions. Again we have no reason to believe that gold has entered a bear market. It has continued to make higher highs since the bear market bottom. We just need to hold on until it eventually does the same. We are at least now looking at a month to a 4 month trade until we see the next intermediate high.

Gold’s Technicals Are Heavily Oversold

Gold To Find Intermediate Bottom On Equity Top

Sentiment in Gold ultra pessimistic

Sentiment in Gold ultra pessimistic

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Gold Collapse In Full Gear

This is not a time to long call options in precious metals. The right play is to be out or to be long ETF’s where one can withstand this prolonged bottoming process. The gold collapse has resulted in the yellow metal dropping to $1,207 an ounce. It has broken the July lows and the main reason is the strength of the greenback. We are now well into August and the complex is well overdue an intermediate cycle low.  Sentiment is well in the buy zone and the long term technicals remain heavily oversold. We cant have long to go now.

Gold Sentiment is Depressed

Gold's Technicals Oversold

The S&P500 gapped down today before making it to $2,837 by the close. Our opinion on equities remain clear. We believe they are going higher. Yes we still expect some sort of intermediate decline in the near term. We are definitely due one. However any meaningful correction will be once again bought. We monitor the fundamentals, technicals, COT reports and investor sentiment and nothing is telling us that a bear market is close. In fact, we could have multiple years here of a bull market before we see a cyclical bull market top.

A Drop In Equities May Alleviate The Gold Collapse

My guess would be sooner or later when equities drop, we will see some buying in the precious metals complex. We still maintain the metals complex is where one should be putting more of their capital. The US dollar has had some run and is due a drop down into an intermediate or daily low. A weaker dollar will give gold the opportunity to rally. Remember, the FED will not be able to keep raising rates indefinitely if we were to get a steep move down in stocks. That would take the Fed’s interest rate policy firmly off the table which would alleviate the gold collapse one would think. This then would probably weaken the greenback and strengthen the euro. This too shall pass. The first part of August will tell us a lot.

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How To Attain Cardinal Health Leverage

I have written extensively about this stock recently as the investor can now really avail of Cardinal Health leverage. Cardinal Health ($:CAH) is practically a dividend aristocrat having raised its pay-out for the best part of 22 years now. It has an enviable 10 year dividend growth record of 16% per year on average. The stock’s earnings multiple has now dropped to under 10 and the yield has spiked to almost 4%. The company has about 20% more interest bearing debt than equity and has earnings per share of $5.36 over the past four quarters.

These types of numbers definitely are in “value play” territory. I acknowledge that we may not see significant movement in the shares for a significant period of time. However Cardinal’s valuation and dividend warrants attention at present. Long term investors do not mind waiting for the turnaround. That really is the issue. To be a true value investor, one needs to have buckets of patience.

The firm’s Cordis segment was a prime reason for the very poor March quarter. This division may put a lag on growth over the short term. However, Cardinal has the tailwind of increased pharmaceutical spending which is the first bit of Cardinal Health leverage we can gain. Why ?

No New Highs In IBB

Still No New Highs in IBB – Only A Matter Of Time ?

  • Biotech Tailwind

Well if we look at the chart above, we can see that the biotech complex continues to make higher highs. The Nasdaq and the semi-conductor industry have already broken out to new highs. I just don’t see the biotech sector not following suit. One just has to see the M&A activity in this area which has bounced back significantly thus far in 2018.

Now look at the long term Cardinal Health chart below. I can’t see the divergence lasting long term. Cardinal Health is a go between between the manufacturers and the retail pharmacies. If activity goes up, it stands to reason that eventually Cardinal will benefit. Presently Cardinal’s weekly slow stochastics are heavily oversold. We should get some upside traction here soon enough and it may happen on earnings.

Bottom overdue

Cardinal Health Shares Near A Bottom

  • Strong Dividend Yield Along With An Ultra-Low Pay-Out Ratio

The dividend is another tailwind that has been growing meaningfully over the past 10 years. From a free cash flow perspective, the pay-out ratio is only 22%. This means there is ample room for the dividend to grow over the long term. The best time to get compounding work in your favor is when the yield is at its highest. For example, over the past 10 years, an investment in CAH (assuming all dividends were reinvested) would have more or less doubled. Cardinal’s earnings multiple is well under 10. These are the times to be reinvesting heavily in order to reduce that cost basis aggressively. This is the second form of Cardinal Health leverage one can attain from a present investment in Cardinal Health.

Another form of leverage one could use in conjunction with Cardinal Health would be to sell options. For example, with CAH about to announce its quarterly earnings, its implied volatility is pretty high.

IV Rising in Cardinal Health

  • Covered Calls & Naked Puts Offer More Cardinal Health Leverage

One can sell naked puts or covered calls when IV is high to bring in additional income as well as the dividend. Selling options places theta decay in your favor. Furthermore in periods of heightened volatility, one could maybe sell two or three contracts in a 30 to 45 day window if profits were taken early. Again, this is form a leverage as “Good to Cancelled” closing trades can be set-up to automatically to take profits out of the market for you. Selling options is another way one can attain Cardinal Health leverage

These are three distinct ways one ca attain leverage from an investment in Cardinal Health. Whether it be a capital gain headwind, dividends or the sale of options, one can have their money consistently working for them. Combining them is true Cardinal Health leverage.

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Is The Gold Bottom In ?

We have not seen these levels of sentiment since the bear market gold bottom more than two and a half years ago.  The gold bottom in fact may have occurred on the 19th of this month. It will be interesting to see if the lows get tested this week. Remember the longer the lows stay intact, the more likely that the intermediate bottom is in. Why? Well this intermediate cycle is long in the tooth as it is. We are well overdue an intermediate correction due to the last clear bottom taking place last December.

Sentiment & The Gold Bottom

Sentiment & The Gold Bottom

Aggressive traders could place stops below the lows last Thursday. Usually the thrust out of an intermediate bottom is very powerful. As mentioned, we have had multiple intermediate gold bottoms since December 2015 and none of them have retraced to sentiment levels this bearish. We have a daily swing in place. Honor stops though at all costs.

Honor Stops below Thursday's Gold Bottom lows

Honor Stops on Gold Bottom below Thursday’s lows

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