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Patience Is Key. All Things Are Difficult Until They Become Easy

Proverb 13:11 – “Riches gotten quickly will dwindle, but those who acquire them gradually become wealthy” We want to make the portfolio as simple as possible. We actually started a few weeks back and have recommended stocks but we want … Continue reading

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The Rules Of Engagement – 1% portfolio (Leju Holdings)

We have three stocks to add to the 1% portfolio. We call the portfolio the 1% portfolio to really get across the message of keeping positions small. If for example, each position in the portfolio only uses up 1% of … Continue reading

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Higher Highs Coming For Crescent Point Energy

With many stocks in the energy sector, it is all about being able to service the debt-load on the balance sheet. Crescent Point Energy (CPG) is attractive in that it has solid growth prospects and has made improvements with relation … Continue reading

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The One Drawback Of Taking Profits Too Early

The one drawback with the strategy we recommend (selling covered calls and selling naked puts) on sound companies is that one can obviously miss a lot of upside. For example, Marathon Oil Corporation (MRO) has rallied from just over $4 … Continue reading

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Breakaway Gap In Blackberry Should Offer Strong Support

On an individual stock basis, we like Blackberry (BB). The reason being is that shares underwent a breakaway gap recently on very strong volume. These gaps usually begin at the start of a sustained move and usually take place after … Continue reading

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How You Get Better

Most people have an issue with lying to other people but dont seem to be nowhere near as bothered when they lie to themselves. When you actually resolve to do what you commit to every day, your results start to … Continue reading

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We See Limited Downside In Manulife Financial

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Manulife Financial : Looks Attractive Going Into Q2 Earnings

Manulife Financial Corporation (MFC) announces its quarterly numbers next week where the consensus number is $0.46. This life insurance firm is sttractive because it has excellent financials, a keen valuation and strong earnings growth is expected to return next year. … Continue reading

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Volatility Contraction In GSX Techedu

Long-term our assumptions have not changed, we believe precious metals as well as stocks will rise with obviously intermediate and yearly cycle lows along the way. In fact, all commodities should do well in an inflationary environment. What investors should … Continue reading

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How To Improve Probabilities In Investing

Probabilities are talked about a lot in the trading world. They also play a part in the long-term investing arena. In this series, we will go through multiple ways one can stack the probabilities in favour of the long-term investor. … Continue reading

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