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Trade Setup In Nike (October 2nd -2017)

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Target’s Next Resistance Not Until The $62-$63 Handle

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Silver Still Looks To Have More Downside

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Trade Setup In Oracle

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Successful Dividend Investing In Target

Target Corporation(NYSE:TGT) is a proven dividend aristocrat which means it has raised its dividend consecutively over the past 25 years at least (40+ years in fact). At the time of writing, its share price trades around the $59.30 handle (September … Continue reading

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Trade Earnings By Selling Option Premium

Method 3 – Selling Option Premium Just Before Earnings Announcements   Trading earnings announcements is an excellent one to add to your arsenal for a number of reasons. Option premium inflates right before companies report their earnings numbers. This means … Continue reading

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Long Term Diagonal Spread On Steroids

Method 2 : How To Setup A Bullish Long Term Diagonal Spread This strategy is known also a poor man’s covered call and definitely deserves a place within your trading arsenal. The long term diagonal spread strategy simply replaces the … Continue reading

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Trading Gilead For Income

METHOD 1 – Selling Covered Calls Against Long Stock We touched on this method in are earlier post. There are many complex option strategies out there. This in one of the simplest but yet the best for long term income … Continue reading

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Companies With Strong Competitive Advantages

First off, I believe it is important to have a watch-list of stocks with strong competitive advantages. By simply buying these stocks when they get cheap and selling them when they get expensive is a strategy in itself. Why? Because … Continue reading

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Portfolio Update – July 20

The NASDAQ (INDEXNASDAQ:.IXIC) has had a pretty good day today despite the S&P500 and Dow finishing slightly down for the day. I believe that’s where we will most probably put the rest of our capital to work for the remainder … Continue reading

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