Biotech Getting Oversold And Every Day More Attractive



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4 Responses to Biotech Getting Oversold And Every Day More Attractive

  1. Don says:

    Geez, it was just on Sept 19 that you were telling us that “Biotech Rally Only Getting Started”. it has been downhill ever since. I hope you are not confused.

  2. First a long term call, second short term. I do see this complex going much higher in the long run..

  3. Don McLean says:

    Got that. I love making ‘long term calls’ too. It makes me look smart even if takes years for my prediction to pan out .

    • years no Don. Furthermore we have been in and out of biotech last month and are currently out with a nice chunk of change.. But don’t worry when we feel we hit a hard bottom….. we will head back in

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