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S&P500 To Drop Below $2,350 ?

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Which Trading Strategy Is Best In The S&P At Present ?

Our portfolio trades on sentiment and volatility but at present, the best course of action definitely in equities is holding until we reach this cyclical top.

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S&P500 To Temporarily Delight The Bears

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Retail Traders Turning Bullish

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S&P500 To Deliver A Lot More Upside

The Robo ratio is illustrating that the market is still nowhere near a permanent top. There are still far too many retail traders who are bearish and are buying puts in the process. This ratio needs to go well under … Continue reading

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More Pain Ahead For Equities?

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Focus On The Big Picture When Studying Fundamentals

Fear is almost always overstated. If you are dealing with a stock that has excellent financials over a 10 year period, then any steep decline in the stock could definitely end up being a buying opportunity. Sentiment usually reaches bearish … Continue reading

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Market Update (March 6th-2017)

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Long Term Buy And Hold Investing Could Be Dead

Now that we have the income argument out of the way, the next step is to go and look for the vehicle(s) that is going to generate income for us. One cant’t really look past dividend growth stocks as the … Continue reading

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Focus On Income Predominantly In The Stock Market

“Fear & Greed”. These are the two emotions that primarily exist in the stock market (NYSE:SPX). However if you really think about it, these two emotions can be eradicated if one adopts an income mindset instead of a capital gains … Continue reading

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