Has Oil Just Formed A Daily Cycle Low?


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Equity Markets Just Getting Started Rallying


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Exxon Mobil Will Bounce Back


Exxon Mobil (NYSE:XOM) has suffered as of late due to allegations of cooking the books with regard to its climate change research and its assets. However with crude oil rallying strongly in the wake of the inaction on the Fed’s part, Exxon has finally followed suit and is back up above $83 a share. This stock is a perfect choice for income investors in this space who want a position in energy in their portfolio as the stock is stable and its downside is protected better than most due to its strong balance sheet and integrated business model.


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Biotech Rally Only Getting Started


A we stand, biotech (NYSE:IBB) is leading the bull market in equities. Furthermore when the combine election year with where we are in this intermediate cycle, equities and especially Biotech are set up to go much higher from here

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Will A Non-Hike From The Fed Tank The Dollar?

I cant see the FED hiking this week. We have had dollar (NYSEARCA:UUP)Ā strength as of late due to interventions from the BOJ & ECB but I view these as temporary. Why? Because the Fed really wants a weaker dollar. It is the only way it can inflate away its debts. Look at things this way. A stronger dollar means that the US national debt is humongous. Remember all those bonds have to pay out dollars. Therefore it is the best interest of the FED to have a weak dollar so these “debts” can in some way be inflated away..



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General Electric Will Bottom Soon


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Gilead May Have Bottomed


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