Opening positions

Ok I have invested $3,816 already. Positions entered are listed below

Here are trades entered today
BOT 100 PBR, Stock, NYSE, USD 10.74 NYSE(USD) 15:42:20 (GMT +1:00) 227570895 new
SLD 20 TRIP, Stock, IEX, USD 73.81 IEX(USD) 15:35:38 (GMT +1:00) 227570871

Here is Up To Date Portfolio
Total USD 3,816.85
GDXJ, Stock, SMART, USD 100 25.44
PBR, Stock, SMART, USD 100 10.80
TMV, Stock, SMART, USD 30 38.41
TRIP, Stock, SMART, USD -20 73.09
UCO, Stock, SMART, USD 30 23.25
UNG, 20141226, 21, PUT, Option, SMART, USD -1 0.79 -79.00

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