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What Does The Future Hold For Your Investments

What a mess the world economy is in. $57 trillion has been added to central bank balance sheets since 2007. How can the world defeat a world recession by adding more debt? Also the deleveraging has not happened yet. We … Continue reading

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How To Invest If Interest Rates Were To Rise

Summary Long Financials. Financial stocks have performed miserably since 2002 as interest rates have dropped. Financials would rally if interest rates were to rise. Short medium to long US bonds, Bonds and interest rates trade inversely to each other. The … Continue reading

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Income Results For January (Options, Dividends & Stocks)

January was a decent month for our portfolio considering we still have a lot of cash to invest and we are not selling options on a big part of our portfolio. Present anchors in our portfolio are SPDR Gold Trust … Continue reading

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Gold was hit hard thursday with the precious metal ending the day down $25 to $1,258 an ounce. We have recovered to $1,270 but we are at a very critical juncture for Gold as the chart shows below Gold has … Continue reading

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