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Anheuser Busch Inbev Looks Cheap At $113

Companies with strong competitive advantages, strong balance sheets and attractive valuations are essentially the core of what we are looking for. Why? Because if our timing is off, the company’s solid fundamentals should ensure that any potential loss would get … Continue reading

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AmerisourceBergen’s Sentiment On The Floor Before Fiscal Q2

AmerisourceBergen (NYSE:ABC) announces earnings on the 4th of May where $1.71 will be the number looked for. I see this stock undervalued compared to its historic means. At present, the stock is trading with a price to book ratio of … Continue reading

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Has Crude Oil Printed An Intermediate Bottom ?

From a cycle standpoint, crude oil remains very difficult to read at present.  Although sentiment and momentum indicators looks pretty oversold at present on a short term basis, I still am unsure if we printed an intermediate low in March … Continue reading

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Novartis Is Worth At Least $80-$85 A Share

In our portfolio as of late, we have refrained from selling option premium for a few reasons. Firstly after the French election over the weekend, the volatility index CBOE Volatility Index (INDEXCBOE:VIX) really contracted and actually collapsed by 27% on the … Continue reading

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Procter & Gamble To Report Favorable Fiscal 3Q17 Numbers

Procter & Gamble (NYSE:PG) definitely has a wide moat and seems to be moving in the right direction after its much publicized move into becoming a much more responsive and nimble consumer product manufacturer.  Despite the company’s top line having dropped … Continue reading

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Spike In Volatility In L Brands

Sometimes choosing the right bullish strategy can be a really difficult decision. For the most part we will sell the put as we are income orientated investors as opposed to strict capital gain investors. However there may be times where … Continue reading

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Volatility Is Key For Option Sellers

Whereas many option traders focus exclusively on trading volatility, I like to combine it with fundamental and technical analysis in order to get any edge I can. Yes it may be extra work for each trade/investment you put on but … Continue reading

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Gilead’s Q1 Earnings May Finally Confirm The Bottom Is In

When we are getting long term investors throwing in the towel, it must mean the bottom is near. Sentiment and technical readings looks attractive. Risk has to be to the upside here. The company’s Q1 earnings may finally put a … Continue reading

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Gold Approaching A Intermediate Top

Gold (NYSE:GLD) is now 16 weeks into its weekly cycle and 17 days into its daily cycle. Strangely enough, sentiment in the yellow metal has not reached bullish extremes unlike silver (NYSE:SLV). Gold though looks like it is about to … Continue reading

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Income Derived Portfolios Need Technical Analysis

Many investors do not believe in technical analysis and do not use it as a tool when investing in the markets. However for income orientated portfolios, it can be an invaluable tool to have in one’s arsenal from a variety … Continue reading

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