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Portfolio Update – July 20

The NASDAQ (INDEXNASDAQ:.IXIC) has had a pretty good day today despite the S&P500 and Dow finishing slightly down for the day. I believe that’s where we will most probably put the rest of our capital to work for the remainder … Continue reading

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Novartis On Its Way To $100

Novartis (NYSE:NVS) announced its second quarter earnings report there this week and I don’t think there was anything in the announcement that should make long investors doubt their current position. Why? Well if we look at the fundamentals of the … Continue reading

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Too Dangerous To Short McDonald’s

McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD) is closing in on $160 a share and I see a lot of commentary online stating that the stock is overvalued at these levels. From an earnings standpoint, the company’s present price to earnings ratio is well ahead … Continue reading

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Has Gold Printed A Mild Intermediate Low ?

Gold is in limbo at the moment when you study its cycles and its sentiment readings. We definitely are in the timing band for an intermediate cycle low which could have taken place on the eleventh of July. But there … Continue reading

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Express Scripts To Get Back To $70 Soon

Express Scripts (NYSE:ESRX) seems to be finally catching a bid which means its sub $60 lows should now end p being a thing of the past. The main reason we saw those lows was because of its biggest client “Anthem” … Continue reading

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Shorts Could Be In For A Whole Lot Of Pain

As I write the S&P500 (NYSE:SPX) after about forty minutes into the trading session on the eleventh of July is trading at 2,425 which means it is down just a bare 2 handles on the session. As my subscribers will … Continue reading

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Allergan Has Potential But Can It Deliver ?

Allergan has a very strong aesthetics business as well as 6 potential blockbusters in clinical trials. However can it deliver ? Allegan (NYSE:AGN) is a stock that I’ve been watching closely due to the huge decline its stock underwent from … Continue reading

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Novartis Should Be Bought On A Pullback

Novartis (NYSE:NVS) Should Be Bought On A Pullback. Entresto & Cosentyx drugs really have the ability to drive sales forward.

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Ford’s Trading Strategy For Income

Ford (NYSE:F) has been a range bound stock for quite a while now. It pays out a 5%+ dividend yield which definitely can be increased with a clever options strategy. Listen here. I have been bearish on Ford (NYSE:F) stock … Continue reading

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S&P500 Initial Rally Struggles Again

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