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Market Pricing In Major Move for Frequency Therapeutics

There have been plenty of things happening in Frequency Therapeutics, Inc. (FREQ) of late. Recently, the share-price responded nicely to studies done in FX-322 (Hearing Loss). As we can see from the sky-high volatility in this stock at present, the … Continue reading

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High Volatility in Seelos Therapeutics Brings Opportunity

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Enzo Biochem Has Momentum On Its Side

Enzo Biochem is definitely taking advantage of the pandemic. Sales for its testing equipment, etc soared in its second quarter to come in at almost $32 million. This was a huge gain over the same quarter of 12 month prior. … Continue reading

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Volatility in Sigma Labs Spikes

Although this market definitely favors bullish strategies, there will come a time when more neutral strategies will be par for the course. Strategies such as a ratio spread where we sell two out of the money puts and we buy … Continue reading

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Spike in Volatility in Auris Medical Brings Opportunity

Warren Buffet stated that the two most important rules of investing are Not to lose money & Never to forget rule No 1. We believe that it is essential to adopt the same mindset in our trading exploits. One must … Continue reading

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