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US Dollar Not As Healthy As Recent Trading Suggests

Despite the strong move in the US dollar over the past while, the greenback remains in a long term downtrend. It is peculiar why so many traders focus on the short term. Why ignore what has been happening in the … Continue reading

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Intermediate Bottom In Gold To Coincide With Equity Correction

Our stance has not changed. We remain heavily long stocks although we have been expecting a trip down into an intermediate bottom. This is why we took profits on some equity positions recently – including our TQQQ position. I still … Continue reading

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Gold Collapse In Full Gear

This is not a time to long call options in precious metals. The right play is to be out or to be long ETF’s where one can withstand this prolonged bottoming process. The gold collapse has resulted in the yellow … Continue reading

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How To Attain Cardinal Health Leverage

I have written extensively about this stock recently as the investor can now really avail of Cardinal Health leverage. Cardinal Health ($:CAH) is practically a dividend aristocrat having raised its pay-out for the best part of 22 years now. It … Continue reading

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Is The Gold Bottom In ?

We have not seen these levels of sentiment since the bear market gold bottom more than two and a half years ago.  The gold bottom in fact may have occurred on the 19th of this month. It will be interesting … Continue reading

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The Pitfalls Of The Poor Mans Covered Call

The Poor Mans Covered Call involves the buying of a LEAP call options and the frequent sale of short dated out of the money calls. Similar to a traditional covered call, the goal is income or cash flow. This also is … Continue reading

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How To Stop Losing Money In Trading By Becoming Ultra Intentional

Many experienced traders will state that the article title is impossible to achieve. In fact, professional traders are only right just over half of the time but they still manage to make money. However for novice traders, getting one’s mindset … Continue reading

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Intermediate Low Not In Yet For Gold

Gold (NYSE:GLD) suffered its biggest loss today (15th of June) for more than a year. It looks like the recent dollar strength has finally caught up with the yellow metal. There was basically two options that Gold had I felt … Continue reading

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Walmart Still Looks Cheap

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Federated Investors – Bounce To Upside ?

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