Continued Strong Consolidation From Sanderson Farms

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  1. Hi jacfoley

    From a TA perspective the gap to the left on the chart is now filled and it could be said that there is now accumulation occurring in that area.

    I trade from and do analysis by S&D which is what really moves PA from one demand value area to another. I would be saying that PA has returned to a previous demand value area to fill more smart money orders at that price level. The gap is the strongest indication that price had become out of balance at that demand area.

    I hope this helps

    Good luck with your trading and investing and remember: Trade smart…OR JUST DON’T TRADE!

    Stock Trading Blogger

    • jacfoley says:

      Yes. The majority of buy trades though will be placed at the breakout level. Anything before that point should have strict risk management in case we are going lower

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