Elevation Code – A Complete Portfolio Management Service On Seeking Alpha

Elevation Code is not for the traditional blue chip dividend growth investor. We believe in active trading and taking advantage of every opportunity that presents itself. This could be a small cap trading for pennies on the dollar when compared to its book value and fundamentals or high volatility which may give us juicy option premium. Our mission is to relentless improve our results. Join us.

“Primarily Designed For The Income/Dividend Investor But Also The Investor Who Is Open To More Risk”

  • Real Time alerts when entering or exiting a trade
  • How To Use Implied Volatility To Maximize Returns
  • Evening reports to keep track of portfolio and market conditions
  • Monitoring of cycles and sentiment in order to spot turning points in the markets
  • Analysis on when take profits quickly and when not to…
  • Mindset material to ensure investors don’t make emotional mistakes when trading
  • Advanced option strategies to boost income in dividend aristocrats