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Income Derived Portfolios Need Technical Analysis

Many investors do not believe in technical analysis and do not use it as a tool when investing in the markets. However for income orientated portfolios, it can be an invaluable tool to have in one’s arsenal from a variety … Continue reading

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Doubling Down On Quality Stocks

We usually use dividend growth stocks as our main vehicle for income generation. The reasons are pretty self-explanatory. Even though the portfolio should be heavily diversified across different sectors and asset classes, at any given time one or more of our positions … Continue reading

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Long Term Buy And Hold Investing Could Be Dead

Now that we have the income argument out of the way, the next step is to go and look for the vehicle(s) that is going to generate income for us. One cant’t really look past dividend growth stocks as the … Continue reading

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3 Skills That Make You A Better Dividend Investor

Summary Number one rule after you have picked a possible candidate for your income portfolio is to not overpay for it. Be patient, get it properly valued or dismiss it entirely. Rebalancing your portfolio every 6 months or so can … Continue reading

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