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US Dollar Not As Healthy As Recent Trading Suggests

Despite the strong move in the US dollar over the past while, the greenback remains in a long term downtrend. It is peculiar why so many traders focus on the short term. Why ignore what has been happening in the … Continue reading

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The Dollar Will Top Soon

The market is definitely pricing in a Clinton victory and it is almost certain now (assuming the pols hold up) that we have an intermediate cycle low in stocks. Furthermore crude oil also rallied on the news on the FBI … Continue reading

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Will A Non-Hike From The Fed Tank The Dollar?

I cant see the FED hiking this week. We have had dollar (NYSEARCA:UUP) strength as of late due to interventions from the BOJ & ECB but I view these as temporary. Why? Because the Fed really wants a weaker dollar. It … Continue reading

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What Does The Future Hold For Your Investments

What a mess the world economy is in. $57 trillion has been added to central bank balance sheets since 2007. How can the world defeat a world recession by adding more debt? Also the deleveraging has not happened yet. We … Continue reading

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