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Do The Right Thing At Wrong Time = Pain

Summary Forget Stop Losses Or Trying To “Time” The Market. If you wan to make money in the markets, your money must be predominantly invested in the markets. Some dividend growth stocks lost 50% in the crash of 08. However … Continue reading

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Dismiss IBM At Your Peril

Summary •Revenues are dropping but this is normal. They are selling low value divisions in order to concentrate on higher value sectors. •Share buybacks are excellent for shareholders. The company has always done this. They are not financially engineering the … Continue reading

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Time To Sell Some Covered Calls For The 1% Portfolio

Summary McDonald’s, Coca Cola & American Express all currently have inflated option premium. We are going to sell covered calls to bring in more income. We get paid the dividend from McDonalds on the 15th. We strategically sell our covered … Continue reading

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Long Term & Short Term Trading

I think there is value in both. No mistake when one picks a stock and goes long, reinvests the dividends, its a great way to become successful. However with the market at all time highs and due a correction, Is … Continue reading

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