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Fundamentals – Major Key To Good Stock Picking

Dividend growth stocks usually have solid fundamentals. Astute investors watch everything. A company which is able to raise its dividend for decades on end must have solid financials as the pay-out ratio invariably would spike if this is not the case. … Continue reading

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Doubling Down On Quality Stocks

We usually use dividend growth stocks as our main vehicle for income generation. The reasons are pretty self-explanatory. Even though the portfolio should be heavily diversified across different sectors and asset classes, at any given time one or more of our positions … Continue reading

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Long Term Buy And Hold Investing Could Be Dead

Now that we have the income argument out of the way, the next step is to go and look for the vehicle(s) that is going to generate income for us. One cant’t really look past dividend growth stocks as the … Continue reading

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Do The Right Thing At Wrong Time = Pain

Summary Forget Stop Losses Or Trying To “Time” The Market. If you wan to make money in the markets, your money must be predominantly invested in the markets. Some dividend growth stocks lost 50% in the crash of 08. However … Continue reading

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Things Heating Up In The Markets

The ECB finally announced QE yesterday and it was bigger than many expected. 60 Billion euro a month until December 2016 is a bold move by the ECB but Europe has come under pressure from the US’s response to the … Continue reading

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